Administrative and Resources Management Division (ARMD)

The ARMD prepares and maintains a systematic records filing system and updates of all personnel and other office records and communications. It assists in the preparation of administrative reports and provides staff advise pertaining to personnel. The division also provides pertinent statistical services needed to the conduct of staff studies.

Operations Management Division (OMD)

The OMD manages and supervises all operational activities of the Unit. It assist the Director on matters concerning planning, operations, special projects and other relevant matters. It formulates Implans, Action Plans and other matters for the accomplishment of PCRG mandate.

Historical and Museum Management Division (HMMD)

The HMMD acts as the historian of the PNP and maintains the PNP museum, PNP Relics Square and other related facilities. The division keeps, records, updates the history of the PNP organization and collects objects/artifacts/mementos of historical importance in connection with the PNP. It also displays the rich history of the PC/INP and the PNP through museum exhibits and tours.

Community Assistance and Development Division (CADD)

The CADD conducts training and education on Crime Prevention, Disaster Response, Community Oriented Policing System and Criminal Justice System, among others, to the Police, LGUs, NGOs, Students, Out-Of-School Youth, and other stakeholders.

It undertakes medical, dental and optical operations, bloodletting, sports and cultural development activities, disaster relief operations and other community-related assistance and development activities in coordination with concerned government agencies and volunteer non-government organization.

Information and Communication Development Division (ICDD)

The ICDD produces information materials for dissemination/distribution to the PNP, the community and other stakeholders through various media channels such as TV, Radio, Social Media, and Print in order to enhance knowledge and awareness on law enforcement matters, and to generate trust, confidence and the popular support of the community.

Complaints Referral and Monitoring Center (CRMC)

The CRMC evaluates, classifies and monitors the reports and/or complaints received and takes immediate and appropriate action through proper and channelled referrals and informs the informants/complainants accordingly. Furthermore, it establishes and sustains effective networking and coordination with other government agencies as well as NGOs.